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What are the criteria for registration as a Professional Construction Mentor with SACPCMP?

An applicant may be registered as a Professional Construction Mentor should they :

1. Be registered in terms of any of the Built Environment Professions Acts, or demonstrate an equivalent level of expertise; and

2. Be able to demonstrate that they have at least ten years experience in the construction industry at a senior management level; and

3. Be able to demonstrate their knowledge, skills and experience to the SACPCMP by means of completing the requisite testing; and

4. Be assessed by the SACPCMP as able to act suitably as a mentor following a psychometric examination; and

5. Be certified as competent in the transfer of skills and knowledge; and

6. Undergo an interview with the SACPCMP Mentor Registration Committee.

Upon registration as a Professional Construction Mentor the applicant will be required to sign and adhere to the SACPCMP Code of Conduct, and undertake to submit to the SACPCMP annual declarations of the mentorship services that they have provided. Professional Construction Mentors will be required to maintain a record of all mentorship services provided.